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The best clamping devices since 1889. “He who ceases to improve, ceases to be the best,” we adhere to this principle of the founder of our company Max Bess, every day for more than 100 years. See for yourself: the following pages provide an overview of all our products and capabilities. Whether it’s clamping or cutting devices, see for yourself the incomparable innovative solutions with the recognized quality of BESSEY. Win on our innovative advantage based on the best ideas and quality. And find out why in our industry to this day is considered: “BESSEY. Just better.”

best ideas Since its founding in 1889, our company has been continuously setting the tone in the field of clamping and cutting devices. Our competence in the field of development constantly gives birth to innovative ideas, which are then improved. At our plant in Bitigheim, we invent and improve our currently patented branded products, which are often an example for generations of clamping and cutting devices.

We are often copied, but can never be compared to us: This fully applies, for example, to the malleable cast iron clamp Original BESSEY, which has been successfully produced unchanged since 1936. Or the Original BESSEY all-metal patented in 1953, which recently became a prototype for the OMEGA clamp.

The best quality Important correctly: Branded products from BESSEY are designed not only for one-time, but also for long-term loads. Which has been our hallmark for decades and provides us with an individual quality advantage over competing products. Our branded products are traditionally made of high quality materials – precision steel Original BESSEY own production to fiberglass-reinforced polyamide or magnesium.

In addition, all components are thoroughly inspected by our experienced technicians and developers. State-of-the-art inspection and testing methods, specially designed software, as well as ultimate functional tests and tests on the durability of parts subjected to heavy loads, are of great importance in this regard. First of all for Bas, as for the customer, for daily practical application. In addition, we always guarantee you maximum comfort, safety, ease of maintenance and ergonomics.

Numerous certificates, as well as long-term partners and customers in more than 100 countries are the best proof of this. However, try it yourself.