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Today FELO is:
Export of products to more than 50 countries of the world.
Three factories in Europe and one in the USA.
Production of more than 1 million units of products monthly.
The world leader in innovation in screwdriver handle design.
Wear resistance exceeding the technical requirements of DIN and ISO standards by more than 100%.

Felo-Werkzeugfabrik was founded in 1887 and, since its inception, has grown into an international company with a leading market position and portfolio of innovative products.

The main activity is the production of high quality screwdrivers and bits. FELO production is certified according to ISO 9001: 2000. A third of the products are manufactured under the FELO trademark, a third – under other trademarks such as Wurth, Lux, Ironside, RECA, HILTI, etc. The rest of the production goes to the assembly of cars of such brands as General Motors, Mersrdes-Benz, Volvo, Audi, Opel, Saab, Skoda and Volkswagen, which speaks of the high quality of products and trust on the part of global manufacturers.

ERGONIC screwdrivers – an experience of unrivaled quality

Many companies call their screwdriver handles ergonomic, but in them it is the hand that will always adapt to the handle, and not vice versa. ERGONIC is the only handle that adapts to the user’s hand. The flexibility of the ERGONIC 3-component handle provides excellent ergonomics, torque transmission and working comfort.

The impact-resistant shaft of the grip is covered with an elastic, scratch-resistant material containing cells made of highly flexible plastic. The handle always fits perfectly in the hand, reduces stress and fatigue, as well as increases comfort and maximum torque. The flexibility of the handle also enhances sensitivity and precise torque control. Try the unique ERGONIC handle for yourself and see for yourself in our extensive product testing.

The more difficult the test, the more obvious the result.

Since the success of a product depends entirely on the choice of users, we commissioned a market research institute to carry out a comparative test of 5 German screwdrivers. In February 2018, 315 users carried out a blind test in specialized shops for professionals across Germany to determine which screwdriver they preferred in terms of ergonomics and tactility. During the test, users could only take the tools into their own hands without seeing them. ERGONIC was the tool most often called the best. This is proof that switching to three-piece handles not only increases maximum torque, but also contributes to more ergonomic and comfortable handling. ERGONIC is not only the first adaptable handle, but also has a number of additional exceptional features. All details of the end user test can be found here.

ERGONIC at a glance:

Seamless handle for minimal friction
Perfect ergonomics = perfect transmission of torque
15 years warranty
Wrench hex nut for extra torque available on Series 410
Durability thanks to the use of chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel
Superior torque that exceeds DIN and ISO standards by 100%
Black tip for precise fit
Handle design prevents the tool from rolling off the surface
Hole in handle for easy storage or lever use
The rod tip type symbol is shown on the end of the handle.
EAN – code on each product