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Heller, a successful drill manufacturer for professionals, was founded almost 160 years ago. The tradition of making high-quality tools associated with the name “Heller” has its roots in the even more distant past – in 1583.

That tradition and modernity are perfectly combined with each other, Heller confirms not only on the example of one of the most modern and efficient factories in the world for the production of drills.

The successful ITW (Illinois Tool Works Inc.), with more than 55 employees in 800 subsidiaries around the world, is a reliable partner of Heller. ITW develops and manufactures a wide range of innovative fasteners, components, devices and consumables for consumer goods, construction, electrical and automotive industries. One of the main activities of ITW is the production of products for use in construction – from power tools, pistols for driving nails to fasteners and drills. For its customers, Heller as part of the ITW Group can take full advantage of a large group without losing the benefits of a flexible medium-sized enterprise:

Innovations in conjunction with the concern’s technology centers and other related companies Expanding and improving the Heller Technology Center Supporting Heller’s patent protection and trademark development policy Advising on a more efficient, production organization Continuous investment in production in Germany

Everyone can make a simple product – only a few can solve real problems: when it comes to “drilling holes in construction”, Heller is a competent and advanced partner for its customers.

New multi-layered and critical materials, strong reinforcement in concrete, as well as modern methods of construction require Heller to constantly develop new ideas and solutions for raw materials. Of course, we design our products according to the requirements of all in-demand power tools and strive to offer you a product that works best with more than one type of power tool.

Heller strives for the highest quality – always meets the highest requirements of professionals. Only someone who understands the user’s requirements for the material, work, as well as the price, is able to make the necessary product. State-of-the-art computer technology, selected raw materials from carbide inserts to steel grades, as well as independent certification, provide a reliable level of quality for a long time, which users can safely trust.

Due to close contact with trading companies and users, we get an incentive to innovate and constantly optimize our products. Many Heller developments are world-class innovations that have properties that are valued by professionals. Therefore, we consider it necessary to protect our products with patents and trademarks and to prosecute possible abuses.