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Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer and retailer of Heavy Duty hand tools and accessories for professional workers worldwide.

Since its founding in 1924, the company has been striving for a single goal – to produce the best Heavy Duty power tools and accessories for professional workers. And today the Milwaukee brand stands on professional tools of the highest quality, durability and reliability among those offered on the market.

Products of 120 and 230 volts with a bright red inscription “Milwaukee” are in great demand around the world. The wide range of products covers more than 500 different tool models – from a full range of cordless products, Sawzall® reciprocating saws and other models of saws, drills, grinders, hammers and perforators to tools for special jobs such as diamond drilling systems, magnetic drilling , Sharp-Fire® pistol screwdriver systems and cordless stun guns. In addition to tools, Milwaukee manufactures more than 3,500 items of accessories for virtually every product. The range of accessories includes saw blades Sawzall, blades for jigsaws, band, circular and ring saws, twist drills, drills for wood, crowns and diamond blades, grinding wheels, wire brushes, cutters, screwdrivers and wheels, emery also accessories for perforators.

Among those who use the company’s products are builders, metal manufacturers, heating, ventilation and air conditioning specialists, electricians, fitters, remodeling specialists, kitchen furniture assemblers, maintenance personnel and people of other professions who need tools. Heavy Duty for professional work.

Milwaukee Electric Tool sells its products worldwide, mainly through distributors of the company’s entire product range and specialty stores.