PROTOOL are reliable and powerful power tools for use on the construction site. PROTOOL specializes in surface cleaning for renovation work and offers its solutions to classic “problem situations”: for example, the RenoFix sanding machine for removing old coatings and leveling concrete and screed. At the same time, great attention is paid to dust-free work. PROTOOL offers a system package that is suitable both for cleaning construction sites and for removing dust from concrete grinding and mixing dry mixes. PROTOOL will always find the right solution for you! For carpentry work PROTOOL offers sophisticated machines with which you can carry out any assembly work faster and more efficiently. For example, the ingenious FastFix system from PROTOOL gives QuaDrill drills and QuaDrive cordless tools unique advantages in tough jobs. In addition, PROTOOL offers a complete range of woodworking tools with a focus on safety and injury prevention during work. Maximum reliability when used on the construction site. PROTOOL is responsible for this! This is our unconditional promise and at the same time an incentive for our employees. We develop our unique power tools for woodworking and surface cleaning in close contact with you, our customers. This is why they are of such high quality and long service life. What are your advantages? Assistants who make your work easier. From day to day. We offer professional solutions for tasks that you could not solve with any other power tool before. These unique tools save you time and money day after day.