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OLFA is a world leader in the production of segment knives. Since 1956, after the invention of breaking blades, OLFA has been constantly developing and implementing new knives and blades, setting world standards for other manufacturers. It’s not funny, but the history of the Japanese company “OLFA” – the largest manufacturer of knives, began with a bar of American chocolate. Easily breaking this trophy delicacy, citizen Y. Okada (while still a young man) came up with the idea of ​​a segmented blade, where blunt segments broke off as easily as chocolate bars in his hand. Now, thanks to this invention, OLFA knives always remain sharp and, accordingly, their blades never need sharpening. Having started its development in the city of Osaka, in 1956 with ten workers and several machines, now the company “OLFA” is known far beyond Japan. The range of its products is huge. If initially digging “OLFA” produced only one knife in an all-metal body, intended for construction work, now the knives of the company “OLFA” will find application in many areas of human activity. Designer and graphic knives of the OLFA company of the feather form intended for exact cutting of art figures on paper, fabrics, a cardboard, skin and other materials. OLFA assembly and construction knives are tools with particularly strong segmented blades designed for cutting linoleum carpets; for work with wood, plastic, roofing material, etc. Household knives of the OLFA company with a sliding blade will be ideally suited for works in a garden, a kitchen garden; such a knife will always come in handy when fishing or hiking. The OLFA storage knives, equipped with a unique protective mechanism that retracts the blade in case of loss of contact with the work surface, should be singled out, which allows to minimize the risk of injury. And, of course, knives with round blades to make precise and smooth cuts when working with linoleum, carpets, etc., which retain their sharpness by turning on unused sectors of the blade. As you can see, the range of products of the company “OLFA” is really large, but in addition to the desire to diversify their products, the company “OLFA” monitors the quality of its products and does not forget about the modernization and invention of additional features for its products. For example, even the handles of knives are specially painted in bright yellow so that they can be easily detected among the working tool. In addition, there are different types of OLFA knife handles. Handles made of ABS plastic – “impact-resistant”, non-slip handles – are most comfortable to hold in your hand, as well as handles made of elastomer, among other things, resistant to organic solvents, such as acetone or gasoline. Well and speaking about the OLFA company, it is impossible not to mention a subject of its special pride – blades. As well as types of knives there is a huge set of them, and it is necessary to choose a blade depending on the purposes of application. For example, for pollen blades manufactured by OLFA are used for artwork. Tungsten blades “PB” (with one or two cutting segments), are ideal for cutting plastic and laminate. Round blades “RB” with a diameter of 18, 28, 45 and 60 mm, made of tool steel – this is a great choice for working with multilayer materials. It is also worth noting the unique particularly sharp blades “ABB”, “LBB” series “BLACK MAX”, made using double the percentage of sharpening, which makes them 25% sharper than the blades “AB” and “LB”, which, in turn, thanks to the technology of multi-step proof will remain sharp and ready to perform the tasks for as long as possible. In addition to caring for the safety of the company’s knife users, OLFA also takes care of maintaining the workplace where their tools are used. To perform this task, special cutting mats were designed to protect the work surface. In addition, the mat will help extend the life of the blade, while maintaining its sharpness. In our online store profi-instrument.com.ua and you can easily choose and buy almost any Japanese cutting tool: knives and blades, and other products of the company “OLFA” (Japan) with delivery in Kharkov and other regions of Ukraine . In the categories of our online store there are a variety of models of modern knives “OLFA” (Japan). Reasonable prices of our online store, ease of use, make the purchase of cutting tools: knives and blades, and other products of the company “OLFA” in our country – a great choice for a person who understands the meaning of knives.