Catalog 2018-2019

PROFITOOL is a recognized leader in the Ukrainian market It is known that manufacturers of professional power tools do not produce equipment for it. They offer branded equipment not always of high quality and usually very expensive. The customer is forced to overpay sometimes many times more only because of the widely advertised brand. Often, in the pursuit of profits, manufacturers of professional power tools do not pay enough attention to the quality of this equipment and it, in turn, does not fully meet customer expectations. Based on many years of experience in the market of professional tools, a team of like-minded professionals in 2012 decided to create its own Ukrainian brand of professional tools of the highest European quality PROFITOOL at affordable prices for Ukrainian professionals.

The range of TM PROFITOOL already accumulates consumables and equipment exclusively from leading European manufacturers from Germany, Great Britain and Slovenia. The PROFITOOL team does not stop there! Constant contact with European partner companies contributes to the rapid improvement of products. Technologists are developing new formulations for abrasive products, engineers are constantly working to improve the quality characteristics, and marketers are working on the design of the proposed products. PROFITOOL TM RANGE Drills SDS-plus and SDS-max. Made in Germany on the most modern equipment by one of the largest European manufacturers by special order of the PROFITOOL brand. The shanks of all drills have the inscription “MADE IN GERMANY”, as well as the sign of the Association of Quality Control of Wall Drills (PGM) and an individual number, which is assigned by this organization exclusively to the manufacturer. In the case of PROFITOOL, it is 46, 56 and 58.

The quality of drills ensures high drilling accuracy. This accuracy is regulated by the technical commissions ETA (European Technical Assessment / Approval) and EOTA and is registered in the memo DIBt – “German Institute of Construction Engineering”. Drills are available in two quality lines – MASTER and PROFESSIONAL. Cutting, cleaning and petal circles. They are made in Slovenia at the largest enterprise in Western Europe according to the original recipe specially developed for TM PROFITOOL. Most manufacturers of professional and industrial power tools place orders under their brands at this company. All products meet the strictest European safety requirements and have high quality characteristics. Cutting and cleaning wheels are available in two quality lines – PROFESSIONAL and IDUSTRIAL. INDUSTRIAL petal wheels use a sanding skin with both zirconium corundum and ceramic grain. Technical brushes. Made in Germany 100% of components from German suppliers. We guarantee our customers the highest quality and high durability of our products. All products without exception meet the requirements of current European standards – DIN 68 347 part 1 and 2, as well as EN 1083.

Carbide drills. Manufactured in the UK exclusively for TM PROFITOOL at a state-of-the-art plant using the latest technology. In the PROFITOOL range borfreza of all forms available on the world market with 3 types of the main and 9 types of special notches, and also with several types of a covering. Saw blades and knives for planes. Manufactured in Germany exclusively for TM PROFITOOL at a company with more than 150 years of production experience in accordance with all European standards. The company offers a wide selection of professional saw blades for sawing various materials, both hand-held power tools and stationary machines. Circular saws. Manufactured in Germany exclusively for TM PROFITOOL at an enterprise based in Remscheid in the XIX century. It is now a modern enterprise, which is the only manufacturer with a full cycle of ring saw production in Germany at fully automated production stations of its own design. We offer bimetallic circular saws with variable pitch 4/6 teeth per inch, made of high quality bimetallic alloy with the addition of 8% cobalt.

TM PROFITOOL ring saws are distinguished by outstanding concentricity, very smooth running at high speed, dimensional accuracy, high resistance even at high load and high torque, fast work thanks to aggressive and invariably sharp teeth with outstanding cutting characteristics, the maximum firm service life even in materials such as cast iron and stainless steel. Jigsaws, saber and hacksaw blades. Manufactured in Germany exclusively for TM PROFITOOL at an enterprise based in Reimscheid, which is characterized by innovative thinking and action, and is part of a cohort of leading European manufacturers of sawmill equipment and is the largest exporter to markets worldwide of the highest quality products for perfect cutting and dusting. . All raw materials used in production are supplied only from Germany, Austria and Sweden.

The entire product line is manufactured on modern high-precision production equipment. Patented laser sharpening technology is also used. Mills ring WELDON of 19 mm. Manufactured in the UK exclusively for TM PROFITOOL at the world’s largest specialist company. All cutters and other equipment are made on modern semi-automatic and fully automatic CNC machines. Currently, mills made of M2 and M42 steels with a working length of 30 mm and 50 mm, countersinks and other equipment for drilling machines on a magnetic frame are offered. TM PROFITOOL range is constantly expanding to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals on construction sites and industrial production.